Hi, I'm Danielle, the Designer & Creative Director of RESORT 444, a luxury Swim & Resort Wear brand based in Virginia. Here is my story:

One of my biggest aspirations in life was to become a Fashion Designer. I chose swim wear because I've explored over 20 countries & the one thing I always had to have for my travels was new swimsuits. I'm in love with bright, tropical prints & I am a swimsuit hoarder, ok?!

My passion for traveling started when my Dad unexpectedly passed away in 2009. After going through a year of depression, I suggested that my siblings & I getaway to celebrate our Father's life. The plan was to visit a new country every year on the anniversary of his passing. We put 3 destinations in a hat & I pulled out Jamaica. I've been back 14 times since then.  

When I began designing my first collection, I would find myself working until the sun came up. I would look up at the clock & always see 4:44. Being a spiritual person, I believe there are no coincidences, so I googled the meaning of 444.

That was reassurance that it was finally my time. No matter how nervous I was about launching my first swim collection, the time was now. I might be scared but I'm still going to do this scared. The brand story became crystal clear. My Dad is the inspiration behind my love for traveling & in turn my obsession with swimsuits. Talk about turning pain into purpose! 

I invite you to join me as I offer a glimpse of this vast world through my eyes. Inspired by exotic travels & ancestors who guide the way.